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5th April 2012~

My Hydrangea has done so well 🙂

Perfect for this freezing spring day..

At Patisserie Valerie!

Made the train but not the top up stopped at a more frequent station to top up grab some entertainment and imagine the a flower shop. No pink plants thank goodness but this matches a pot I have perfectly!

I buy glossy mags every week but never find the time to read them. Astounded that every single designer is using pink!

Next station had those pink flowers (:

Everything I want everytime.. My Baylis and Harding Pink Cashmere for my holiday next week ♥

Treated myself to Spring Slippers 🙂

The old matching upto the new!

Chilling outside in the winter granny I mean outdoor slippers!

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese

4th April 2012~

Naughty boy!

Going in search of blossoms to match my ipod, skirt and scarves. Felt like being bright on a now gloomy day. What was I thinking when I bought this skirt?

Scarf 1 to match my skirt

Scarf 2 to tie the hottest pink and beige into a pretty bow, mix that with designer boots and bag and I think I might have turned the cheesiest skirt into the perfect outfit for this miserable afternoon. Now where are my blossoms?

Now these just won’t do!

There they are ♥

Oh what a classic.. Beer shortages soon please panic buy!

Simple Pleasures.. Quaranta, a new lighter that not only looks like roses but smells like them too, a latte with my name on it and a beautiful card for my Mommy Darling!

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese

3rd April 2012~

Times like this when I wish I spoke Italian damn it’s sexy! Ronchese please take me to Italy where I can bake, craft, garden and share my joy all whilst learning the most beautiful language in the world! Cantuccini and a Cappuccino will have to do for now!

About to start my new book.. The woman’s Book of Simple Delights.. A few of mine are my latte’s, my pink ciggies and my tunes 😉

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese

2nd April 2012~

Now I lay me down to sleep.. You know the rest.. Hope these pretty girls make it through the night.

They found their home with squirrel and robin and the rest of the crazy crew!

Latte time finish you later now soak!

Only tried it cause the colour matched my outfit!

Had to! The sun is shining and spring is in the air!

As if I needed more pink roses? Lovely to know I’m loved though. X

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese

Oasis Rose Garden~

I had so many roses and so much oasis after the Ronchese Lifestyle photoshoot I decided to do a mini garden. I battled to find the perfect spot but finally decided next to the bench.

I then decided to do a rose heart and went and picked flowers from the oasis garden.

Had an awesome morning in the sunshine 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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1st April 2012~

This day is perfect, this day is one of the most important in my entire life, I physically branded myself a few years back by means of permanent ink. Today I literally brand myself. Quite nervous actually, “who do you think you are?” keeps running through my mind. I thank God for the special people who give me my inspiration. Have a lovely day friends

My mother would kill me if she knew I spent almost £60 on flowers 🙂

“Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful..” my Granny used to sing that to me right after I called her to sing “I just called to say I love you..” #sweetestmemories

Dinner for one.. Herbed lamb shank yum!

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese