Imperfectly perfect

There is no love like that of a mother for her child. I recall hearing a combination of these words from my mother on occasions, she said I would understand someday.

That day was the 4th of June 2013, my Allegra Rose casually entered the world as if she’d always been by my side. My 100% natural labour carefully crafted into a journey for two. From the day I found out I was pregnant I imagined the journey we would travel together. Just me and my mini me. I didn’t consciously not ask a single nurses name, I did not consciously forget every face I saw in my 24 hour stay in hospital.

My mother needed to be the first to see my precious child and she was whatsapped the first photo, followed by Uncles, Aunts and God parents. I then presented my new born baby to my world, Facebook. At 35 I have nearly been to as many countries as years I have been alive. I’ve found Facebook the most useful tool in keeping connected with the people I have met along my way.

The first photo went up and naturally the likes and comments came flooding in. It took me days to read them the responses were completely overwhelming. I kept posting for days refusing to read a single comment until I could focus on each word.

I didn’t accept any hospital visitors and the first 17 hours of Allegra’s life were exclusively ours. It was somewhere in those first 17 hours that I knew I was imperfectly perfect. The only woman in this world who would ever be her mother. For all my imperfections I was perfect for her. It felt like I’d known her for years. I felt like I’d seen her angelic face a million times.

As her fourth Birthday swiftly approaches I’ve realised our journey is one that needs to be shared. Allegra is an inspiration. she amazes people with her intelligence, kindness and sense of humour everyday. I fail to find reasons to discipline her and I could not be more proud of the parent I became.

My co sleeper calls, she is lying in my arms waiting for me to finish on my phone.

I look forward to sharing the 4 and a half years we have spent together and hope you see yourself as an imperfectly perfect Mummy too.

Xx C

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