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Tree Climber~

I don’t have any memories of me climbing trees, my niece was asking me yesterday when last I climbed a tree and I had to admit the sad truth. I don’t know if I missed out on the fun of climbing trees as a child or simply just don’t remember. I thought this a lovely shot of a fallen beauty..

So I recently starting jogging, yes at the prime age of 29. I ate all the cupcakes and needed to sort that extra love handle.

There are 6 roads that lead out of my village centre and I try to use them all. One of my least favourite routes is the only route to the military lands. This route is the least favourite because on 13 December 2010 a speeding car lost control and was millimetres from hitting me straight on. God knows what saved me that night as I should never have been there in the first place. The next day I made an attempt at starting my book, made another attempt since and then decided blogging was the way forward for now.

So Friday afternoon I’m heading out for my run. The 6 roads that leave the city centre are separated by 2 round abouts which are separated by “the square”. “The square” is a huge fairy lite tree, a pub and village shopping. The most amazing flower shop. I lie not the most amazing but an awesome one in my village which has 1 supermarket, 1 convenience store, 1 bank and 1 of each take out, a few estate agencies and 2 prime charity shops (mentioned in The Road Less Travelled). Oh dear how sidetracked I get. So Friday afternoon loads of traffic and I didn’t feel like waiting to cross roads so I faced my fear and headed down the dreaded road. Turns out it is definitely the best route to take. Most of the other routes run out of pavement before I’ve done 2 miles.

I had been to the military lands before however I was transported there. I had been wanting to go back but the opportunity never arose. I now realised they were not as far as I thought, only 3 miles there and another 3 back.

It was late and I had plans so I decided tomorrow would be the day. Woke up on Saturday with the big hill on my mind, the thought of climbing a tree not. Got my gear on,  my tunes,  my water and a smoke. Yeah yeah I know running and smoking?? I got till 26 October to enjoy this dirty habit.

The view from the top is incredible, the first time I saw it everything was covered in snow.

It was a most beautiful spring day and this is the shot I’d like to share.

I’m enjoying my smoke and decide to walk about, I had previously seen a cattle grazing sign and hoped I might find some. I am a cow lover, Bovines are beautiful!

This is the best shot I got, I was trying to get closer when two bulls started getting a little feisty. I had hubby on the phone and told him that I thought it best if I stay behind trees incase I got charged. The bovines didn’t seem to like me much, the closer I got the further they got. Hubby got cut off and I noticed the perfect tree to climb should I require a get away. I took out my camera to get this tree on camera, nice low branches will surely make it easier to climb I was thinking.

Ok I wouldn’t call them branches, maybe branch stubs. You might notice a cow in the distance. By this stage the cows were far away. I thought I was trying to get closer to the cows not the trees. So I get my picture and I start wondering what if a cow did charge would I get myself up into this tree? Only one way to find out..

I started climbing, I didn’t get very far and the phone started ringing, reconnected to hubby and halfway up a tree. Made myself comfortable on the nearest branch and listened to my husband telling me I needed to go see a doctor. He was rather concerned about my mental health. I like to think he was joking. We chatted for ages and then it was time to come down. By this stage the cows had moved much further on and I figured I needed to start making my way back.

I got wrapped up in the clouds for a while and then noticed another perfectly climbable tree. That was after I found the comet cloud.

So there I was climbing my second tree, this time I wasn’t fumbling with my phone and did more climbing and loads of swings. Please do not attempt this without correct hand protection (which I obviously never had). I was slightly more successful with this tree and moved up swiftly.

Got a few branches up and made myself comfortable. A hill-top can be a very peaceful place, try a tree. You will not hear the wind rustle in the leaves like that from any hilltop. You need to get higher! So here I am wishing I had someone to take a picture of me..

So if you go out to the woods today I would highly recommend climbing a tree. I’d definitely recommend making yourself comfortable once up there and hanging around for a while.

2011 has been a year of all things new and wonderful!

Thanks to my running partner I now have a shot of me up a treeeeeeeee!

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New Hobby~

Love, love, love my new hobby. Got some material, needles, cotton and accessories. Cut open one of my pillows for stuffing and got creative.

I now need to locate stuffing and restuff the pillow~

I’m thinking my little love letters would make great fridge magnets so I tried it out.

Thoroughly enjoyed making and stuffing the hearts and they have all been given away. I have been comissioned to do a personalised one with a persons name one it. Feeling quite pleased that she thought my efforts were worth £5.

My tips when patchworking..

L is for learn







O is for





please be


V is for Very




pinking shears



E is for everything







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Three Special Trees~

Mag Mag (Magnificent Magnolia)

You are the master of your own destiny~

♥ every second!

Just had to shared my new desktop background Mag Mag. Just thought of that trust me it was not my intention and certainly not how I intended starting this blog, the Magnolia is simply Magnificent!

For the love of pink I must tell you I opened up the Metro today which is a free newspaper available on UK public transport. So most papers here have rather distastfully dressed ladies on page 3. The Metro however does not and today they featured a single Mom of 2 whose entire house is tastefully decorated in pink. She mentioned that most people thought she was over the top but I fell in love. I didn’t get a photo but I’ll hunt it down for you.

Back to my special trees. There are 3 major trees in my tiny little garden and I loved them through the snowy winter and excitedly awaited the arrival of spring..

# 1

When the first tree budded in pink I was ever so thrilled. The thought that any of the other trees would be pink never entered my mind.

Instead I planted 3 different shades of pink primroses. So it was a bit too cold and they had flowered way too early and only hot pink remains.

This is the first blooming blossom, the cold and rain dissolved them all very quickly. They did wait for Magnolia to blossom and what a sight to see. I’m searching for a shot of the blooming blossom and the Magnolia, I’m amazed that I can’t find one.

Instead I will share a photo taken shortly after Mag Mag bloomed. I was so excited to find three trees that were different shades of pink that would fit into one photo. And a lovely photo at that.

# 2

My flat mate and I knew she was a Magnolia but had no idea what colour she would be. Much to my excitement she budded in pink too. This is when I confirmed to myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

These beautiful pink buds have brought me endless amounts of joy. It is such a treat heading out on a spring morning for a coffee and a cigarette. I’ll get onto a blog of my garden birds, between them and the pink blooming trees my garden is a most wonderful place to be.

On closer inspection she gets even prettier, nature is a most wonderful thing.

It saddens me greatly that I may not get a shot of 2 pink trees in my garden. I’m pretty sure I missed 1 and 2 (will thoroughly search C: tomorrow) and 2 might possibly not wait for 3.

Lots of pretty pink petals scattered all over the ground 😦

But wait there is still hope, this blog talks about three trees. May I introduce

# 3

I got home this afternoon to the most pleasant surprise. The tiny hot pink buds I was raving about on Facebook have started blossoming. These are the only few, I’m really hoping after a glorious sunny day I’ll wake up tomorrow to loads of little pink flowers. I have now assured myself that there is no other place that I should be. I am the master of my destiny!

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I ♥ Pink~

So as I previously mentioned I have a unhealthy obsession for all things pink. If it comes in pink I’ll take one, or maybe I’ll take two (slight OCD tendencies kicking in right there). Now that I mention it I thought I might share the fact that I hope to one day publish a book on decorating your home for people who suffer from OCD tendencies. Back to pink, you’ll have to bare with this working blog. I’ve scoured my computer for a couple of pink shots and possibly found more than I can handle for now. So I uploaded them all, gave them all a caption and will fill in the details as soon as possible.

Pink Hyacinth~
March 2011

Please excuse the slightly blurred pink hyacinth, I have more focused shots of different colours which you will soon find in my flower blog. I have been experimenting with my camera on manual and sometimes I just can’t get the right shot.

Flower Cupcakes~
March 2011

These were baked for a special girly picnic. The ladies loved them and I throughly enjoyed every second of every hour I spent decorating them.

Pink Gardenia Blossom~
March 2011

Very shortly my garden will have a big tree full of these beautiful flowers. I can’t wait, spring has sprung a month early and everything is looking so beautiful.

Pink and Red Roses~
December 2010

A little cheer you up gift from a special friend, they saw me through the end of 2010 into 2011.

I love Candy~
November 2010

This photo was taken at a beautiful shop in Edinburgh

From London Bridge~
November 2010

Sunset from London Bridge is definitely something we all need to see.

Dubai Islands~
October 2010

I was lucky enough to capture this amazing lighting over one of Dubai’s many man-made islands on a flight to London. It was even more special because it was the day after my 29th birthday and I a little anxious about turning 30 (see about me blog).

Birthday Bouquet~
October 2009

I invited the girls round for a garden tea party. I themed it pink and apparently so did they. Just love it when the girls get it right.

Pink Rose Duet~

A sad wedding story will be saved for another day, she is still trying to get a divorce.

Hand Knitted Duck and Bear~

A year spent investing a lot of time and energy into a charity business called Tiny Treasures, I designed gifts, created an income for underprivileged people and donated to a charity. Here is a Baby Shower bouquet with hand knitted duck and bear, there were matching socks too.

Moms wedding gift~

Don’t Mom’s just do it the best. That tower was filled with the most amazing wedding goodies.

Red Cheek~

This wild little bird caused much heartache and was eventually set free. Not before he danced around my little garden thanking me for all my love and care.

Watering Can~

Just had to share it.

Baby Bunny~

This little thing grew up to be the bravest strongest rabbit I ever knew. Sham Sham was his name, meaning smell smell in arabic. He protected the baby bunnies from the cat who was ready for easy pickings.

Baby Browny~

One of the babas that wouldn’t be here today had it not been for Sham Sham. Browny is now owned by my nephew Joshua and has had many a offspring.

I have decided to take the time to copy over my 365 Pink album from Facebook.

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The Road Less Travelled~

By M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Travelled

By M. Scott Peck

So if you have checked out the links I have provided you’ll notice that this book is selling for £2.31 on Amazon. I picked mine up in a charity shop for 50 pence 🙂

At first it was the flower that drew my eye, I was then hit by the word travelled and knew it had to be mine, whatever it was about I was gonna read it. I took it for company on a train trip to London and manage to work my way through quite a bit. Since then it always comes to bubble bath with me as it is quite intense and not something I want to read everyday. I learn so much from the few pages read that I need a couple of days to practice what it preaches.

I have found myself more cheerful with sooooooo much more time to be cheerful. I spend less time dreading doing the things I hate and more time enjoying the fact that I have no dreadful tasks at hand~

I would like to share this journey with you.


Problems and Pain

I read this whilst on a journey to London. I have always taken a very psychological look into why people behave the way they do. Trying my hardest to understand why people do the things they do. Ordinary, general day to day things don’t interest me. I have been fortunate enough to have met many colourful characters along my journey. Seen and heard many things many have never dreamed of. It has all been apart of my journey and each have taught me so much. So back to the road less travelled. Here Sir Peck goes into great detail about parenting and the possible outcomes for your child. I won’t say too much about this one, dealing with pain comes later. I’ll just hope you all take the time to read this book, if not read this chapter in a book shop and enlighten yourself. You might wanna enlighten your parents too, possibly any parent you know. I will just insist that this is a must read chapter for all.

Delaying Gratification

This is the chapter that changed my life. I’ll try not go into too much detail on how I apply this to my life. It is really a simple concept and to break it down I told a very special friend today that as soon as you hear yourself saying I’ll do it later, force yourself to do it now. This is in terms of anything. I’ll start going to gym next month, I’ll write up that report tomorrow, I’ll clean the house on Sunday… It’s the most simple concept that we have all been taught, read about, reread about but somehow for me it has never sunk in. Finally Sir Peck has put it all in perspective. I’ll be honest I have a calendar note in my phone. Everyday it gets reset for the next day. I use it throughout the day. I allow myself some downtime in between the things I have to do. I plan it all and my Delay Gratification alarm helps me. Hopefully soon it will be second nature but almost 30 years experience I’m a hard case to crack.

The Sins of the Father

Problem-Solving and Time


Neuroses and Character Disorders

Escape from Freedom

Dedication to Reality

This is a chapter that I didn’t need to practise more a chapter I have been preaching for years. Preaching to those I love and trying to catch them onto my ideas of honesty and as Sir Peck puts it dedication to reality.

transference: The Outdated Map

Openness to Challenge

Withholding the Truth


The Healthiness of Depression

Renunciation and Rebirth




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