Pink Palace #2 The Fridge~

So the story goes…

Mama shipped over too much stuff from the UK. Mama also bought too much stuff in SA before said stuff arrived from the UK..

The result after putting 5 boxes in the shed..

An over cluttered but organised and color coded space!

On the brighter sided I have a good excuse in my daughter who just loves it 🙂

Our fridge..


Our fridge deco..




There was a South African coffee creamer ad when I was growing up, went like this..

“It’s not inside it’s on top!”




Half the tea collection..

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The pink recipe books..


And that’s just how we roll..


Pink Palace #1 The Kitchen Window~

So the story goes…

Mama shipped over too much stuff from the UK. Mama also bought too much stuff in SA before said stuff arrived from the UK..

The result after putting 5 boxes in the shed..

An over cluttered but organised and color coded space!

On the brighter sided I have a good excuse in my daughter who just loves it 🙂

Our kitchen window view..


#matchysmatchy #mama&baba #elephantears #allegra #joy #home #dubai


Our kitchen window..


These flower pots were all found in UK charity shops, rabbit was a very expensive UK purchace, owl was a recent addition from a South African charity shop and the flowers from a UK charity shop. Mama Bird bounces and she is also from Twickenham. Her basket and hat have been taken from a porcelain doll that was given to my daughter. The green dish is for my curtain tie backs at night in case you were wondering.




I don’t wanna start drilling walls so the hand towel holder has ended up on the window, with Allegra’s fairy that she got from my brother from another mother’s cuzza on my birthday, bottles from Twickenham and the Lavender that my Mom put on out house warming cake ❤


Made by Mummy on sabbatical in Liphook the United Kingdom in 2011..


And that’s just how we roll..


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Oasis Rose Garden~

I had so many roses and so much oasis after the Ronchese Lifestyle photoshoot I decided to do a mini garden. I battled to find the perfect spot but finally decided next to the bench.

I then decided to do a rose heart and went and picked flowers from the oasis garden.

Had an awesome morning in the sunshine 🙂

Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Oxfam Womens Day~

So last year I was planning on scattering 1000’s of wild flower seeds into the beds of my local park in Hampshire. Well I moved and someone took over where my idea left off.

I’d like to thank Sarah Raven for BBC’s Bees, Butterflies and Blooms. Sarah took what I wanted to do to the highest level and I’m so pleased that I’m not the only one who had the same concerns regarding the diminishing bee’s and butterflies.

Today I registered to host a Oxfam fund raiser. The first thing that popped into mind was cupcakes.. Then I was like how many cupcakes could I sell? Not many! I registered anyway and knew I’d figure it all out.

Well you’ll be pleased to know I’ve figured it out. Hopefully with your help I’ll be packaging thousands of wild flower seeds for a £5 donation. All proceeds to Oxfam.

I’ll be having my Oxfam Get Together celebrating International Womens Day between now and 8 March 2012!

Please share the love if you live in the Uk I was targeting the ladies but I decided to target the men too. You all have a special woman that makes your your world go round.. If she is not your wife or the mother of your child she is your lover, she could be your precious sister or your irreplacable mother, your special aunt or your comforting granny, your best cuz or even your best friend. I suggest a donation of £5 and you’ll get the oppourtunity to get the bee’s buzzing and the flutterby’s a flapping.

Please ask for more info!!!!!


can save the life of a mother and her child by enabling Oxfam to train a midwife in Ghana.


trains 5 teachers in Mali who can teach over 250 girls and provide a whole generation with skills to work their way out of poverty.


from Oxfam enabled Le Thi Ban to become the first woman to join the local clam cooperative in Vietnam. She is now able to provide for herself and her children from the profits she has made.

Please visit the event and mark our attendance accordingly.

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Indoor gardener~

I’ve always loved my pots, nurturing bulbs and replanting, arranging bulbs with bulbs o a small scale..

I recently created what I call Muscari Mountain. I have yet to find the right container for it.

I’ve been looking for perfect gardening book for weeks and today I found it.

I browsed the pages and came across this Tulip Muscari arrangement.

I remembered my Iris’s and pulled out some newspaper and got to work.

I shall keep you posted on how the Iris’s grow.

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Duck Hunting~

Canon IXUS970IS

If you’ve read my blog about me you’ll understand that duck hunting involves a loaded camera. A loaded camera that seriously needs replacing. I have a Canon 10mp IXUS970IS, she has been in my bag for over 3 years. She has been one of my best companions through my travels and will travel with me for hopefully many more. However I think I have outgrown digital photography and hoping to get her a big brother soon.

2008 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

White Ducks~
I have been duck hunting many years, due to unfortunate circumstances which I might go into later the most recent photo I have is from 2008. White ducks are very common in South Africa. This photo taken at Zoo Lake in South Africa, shortly after I met my husband. I discovered a new love for the place where my paternal grandparents met and fell in love. My husband fell in love with it too. We visited there often and ended up getting married there. I have done some research and not found a name for these particular ducks. I found Aylesbury ducks which the English find quite tasty. The thought upsets me so. Luckily for me these Aylesbury ducks have flesh coloured beaks, clearly mine are orangy yellow. I’ll just call them white ducks. I did a search on WordPress “Duck Hunting” expecting to find my blog. Instead I found a load of blogs on real duck hunting. I definitely need to add that to my to do list. The thought of a duck hunter reading this blog polishing his barrel and licking his lips disgusts me. I need to investigate in doing more to stop the hunting of these beautiful birds.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Male Mallard Duck~
Unfortunately his true colours are not clearly shown, but I did love this shot. There is nothing better than catching a perfect reflection, something this photo lacks. He was travelling at quite a speed and the lighting was not that great. I often find myself climbing into or between trees to get a better shot. I have a bad right knee which caught me once while capturing one of my one and onlys. No green compares to that of a Mallard, a deep Emerald with a hint of Sapphire to match his Mrs.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Female Mallard Duck~
This girl is a beaut, total au natural until her wings come out. The most striking Sapphire to match he Emerald man. I just love it. Oh no I have just realised a funny twist of fate. My husband wanted Emeralds I wanted Tanzanite, we both had diamonds, black and white like the one and only duck.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Mallard Ducks~
Oh here we go the story of the three Mallard Ducks.. The first time I saw it happen was last year, since then something that has happened more often. Males ducks doing what they meant to do with the woman. At first I put it down to practising their balancing skills. Now that spring is here is seems almost every Mrs Mallard has two Mr’s generally very protective Mr’s. Her bodyguards.

2011 Radford Park, Liphook, United Kingdom

Male Mandarin Duck~
I would like to introduce the first of my one and onlys. I have always had a deep love for this bird. I even managed to convince my husband to buy me a pair. Rather pricey at R6500 for the male and R5000 for his wife. We talking South Africa 2009 some might relate. I did however go with my better judgement and left them on the farm. I figured I had had enough trouble keeping the cats away from the rabbits, pigeons (don’t ask now, read later, a future blog) and canaries. This beauty I spotted at my local park. He did not stay long and did not move from the other side of the lake.  I went to visit him the next day and he was no where to be found. Perseverance pays off and I spotted him the next day when I watched him prune himself on a tree branch for ages but sadly this is the best shot I got. That was the last time I saw him and have not seen another Mandarin since.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Canvasback Duck~
Welcome number two. The devil duck, well that was his nick name until I did my research. If I hadn’t have got a photo of him I would think my imagination had run wild. This was however an experience I can not forget. I almost fell into the Heath on my haunches trying to get closer and lower. Pop there goes that right knee. A crippling, toppling pain that can not be described. Once popped it locks and there is no lady like way of recusing it. I did however on this occasion manage to do a graceful spin, very near miss into the water and land on two feet camera in hand and leg out of joint. Definitely a Canon moment.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Black and White Duck~
What what a treasure, my third duck to my one and only collection. I have done some research and I believe he is a descendant of the Mallard. I love his colouring, on zooming in on his feathers he could easily be mistaken for a dog.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Mystery Duck~
Haven’t done any reasearch yet. My fourth one and only duck. Seen mingling with the Black and White duck and a Mallard at Petersfields Heath. I will do some research as I love the natural colourings, he would blend well in the woods.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

Egyptian Geese~
Very common in South Africa and often found in gardens with swimming pools. These Geese on African territory can be quite aggressive, keep fingers away whilst feeding or stand behind the bench if you are me.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Egyptian Goose and Goslings~
She has the cutest spotted goslings, certainly not ugly ducklings.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Egyptian Geese~
I found this pair at the Petersfield Heath. They are seeming very uncommon in the UK. I found them refreshingly timid and they tend to stand at my side and watch the feeding frenzy before them. Every time I go there I have someone asking me if I know what they are, I proudly tell them what they are and they are fascinated by the look of our lovely african geese.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

Egyptian Goose and Goslings~
I like to think that this is the same Egyptian goose and her goslings a few months later, however baring in mind how common they are in South Africa I think not. I do hope that the pair at the Heath in Petersfield stick around, that would be such a treat.

2008 Hyde Park, London, United Kingdon

Greylag Geese~
These cheeky geese were captured in Hyde Park London there is no peaceful picnic with them around. They are lovely to look and a perfectly shaded grey. I’m used to the white variation more common in South Africa. More about them later.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Greylag Goose~
This guy is amazing. He is my only one and only goose and comes to keep me company every time I visit the Heath, he has been around for weeks and I just love his pink beak and feet. I presume he is waiting for a mate but until now he is flying solo. Quite sag as there are loads of Canadian Geese and a pair of Egyptian Geese. He is the loveliest, plumpest goose I ever saw. If you are reading this blog and thinking of a **** **** french delicacy please leave my blog right now.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

White Geese~

These lovely white geese are so common in South Africa. They tend to be as cheeky as the Egyptian Geese, they come at you in masses. I often force myself to stand among them but generally shy away.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Canadian Goose~
definitely a fine goose, an aggressive goose too. There are loads of them at the Heath. I love the way the waddle but hate the way they squabble. They are all perfect not a feather out of place. Nature is really an amazing thing. They partner up and defend each other viciously. They definitely rule the Heath in numbers and fury.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

White Swans~ Well a picture is worth a thousand words, I won’t get started, I do love their bills the orange into pink like a sunset.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Coot~ Always got confused between a coot and a moor hen until I took the next photo which made me unable to forget.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Coot vs Moorhen~

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Tree Climber~

I don’t have any memories of me climbing trees, my niece was asking me yesterday when last I climbed a tree and I had to admit the sad truth. I don’t know if I missed out on the fun of climbing trees as a child or simply just don’t remember. I thought this a lovely shot of a fallen beauty..

So I recently starting jogging, yes at the prime age of 29. I ate all the cupcakes and needed to sort that extra love handle.

There are 6 roads that lead out of my village centre and I try to use them all. One of my least favourite routes is the only route to the military lands. This route is the least favourite because on 13 December 2010 a speeding car lost control and was millimetres from hitting me straight on. God knows what saved me that night as I should never have been there in the first place. The next day I made an attempt at starting my book, made another attempt since and then decided blogging was the way forward for now.

So Friday afternoon I’m heading out for my run. The 6 roads that leave the city centre are separated by 2 round abouts which are separated by “the square”. “The square” is a huge fairy lite tree, a pub and village shopping. The most amazing flower shop. I lie not the most amazing but an awesome one in my village which has 1 supermarket, 1 convenience store, 1 bank and 1 of each take out, a few estate agencies and 2 prime charity shops (mentioned in The Road Less Travelled). Oh dear how sidetracked I get. So Friday afternoon loads of traffic and I didn’t feel like waiting to cross roads so I faced my fear and headed down the dreaded road. Turns out it is definitely the best route to take. Most of the other routes run out of pavement before I’ve done 2 miles.

I had been to the military lands before however I was transported there. I had been wanting to go back but the opportunity never arose. I now realised they were not as far as I thought, only 3 miles there and another 3 back.

It was late and I had plans so I decided tomorrow would be the day. Woke up on Saturday with the big hill on my mind, the thought of climbing a tree not. Got my gear on,  my tunes,  my water and a smoke. Yeah yeah I know running and smoking?? I got till 26 October to enjoy this dirty habit.

The view from the top is incredible, the first time I saw it everything was covered in snow.

It was a most beautiful spring day and this is the shot I’d like to share.

I’m enjoying my smoke and decide to walk about, I had previously seen a cattle grazing sign and hoped I might find some. I am a cow lover, Bovines are beautiful!

This is the best shot I got, I was trying to get closer when two bulls started getting a little feisty. I had hubby on the phone and told him that I thought it best if I stay behind trees incase I got charged. The bovines didn’t seem to like me much, the closer I got the further they got. Hubby got cut off and I noticed the perfect tree to climb should I require a get away. I took out my camera to get this tree on camera, nice low branches will surely make it easier to climb I was thinking.

Ok I wouldn’t call them branches, maybe branch stubs. You might notice a cow in the distance. By this stage the cows were far away. I thought I was trying to get closer to the cows not the trees. So I get my picture and I start wondering what if a cow did charge would I get myself up into this tree? Only one way to find out..

I started climbing, I didn’t get very far and the phone started ringing, reconnected to hubby and halfway up a tree. Made myself comfortable on the nearest branch and listened to my husband telling me I needed to go see a doctor. He was rather concerned about my mental health. I like to think he was joking. We chatted for ages and then it was time to come down. By this stage the cows had moved much further on and I figured I needed to start making my way back.

I got wrapped up in the clouds for a while and then noticed another perfectly climbable tree. That was after I found the comet cloud.

So there I was climbing my second tree, this time I wasn’t fumbling with my phone and did more climbing and loads of swings. Please do not attempt this without correct hand protection (which I obviously never had). I was slightly more successful with this tree and moved up swiftly.

Got a few branches up and made myself comfortable. A hill-top can be a very peaceful place, try a tree. You will not hear the wind rustle in the leaves like that from any hilltop. You need to get higher! So here I am wishing I had someone to take a picture of me..

So if you go out to the woods today I would highly recommend climbing a tree. I’d definitely recommend making yourself comfortable once up there and hanging around for a while.

2011 has been a year of all things new and wonderful!

Thanks to my running partner I now have a shot of me up a treeeeeeeee!

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Three Special Trees~

Mag Mag (Magnificent Magnolia)

You are the master of your own destiny~

♥ every second!

Just had to shared my new desktop background Mag Mag. Just thought of that trust me it was not my intention and certainly not how I intended starting this blog, the Magnolia is simply Magnificent!

For the love of pink I must tell you I opened up the Metro today which is a free newspaper available on UK public transport. So most papers here have rather distastfully dressed ladies on page 3. The Metro however does not and today they featured a single Mom of 2 whose entire house is tastefully decorated in pink. She mentioned that most people thought she was over the top but I fell in love. I didn’t get a photo but I’ll hunt it down for you.

Back to my special trees. There are 3 major trees in my tiny little garden and I loved them through the snowy winter and excitedly awaited the arrival of spring..

# 1

When the first tree budded in pink I was ever so thrilled. The thought that any of the other trees would be pink never entered my mind.

Instead I planted 3 different shades of pink primroses. So it was a bit too cold and they had flowered way too early and only hot pink remains.

This is the first blooming blossom, the cold and rain dissolved them all very quickly. They did wait for Magnolia to blossom and what a sight to see. I’m searching for a shot of the blooming blossom and the Magnolia, I’m amazed that I can’t find one.

Instead I will share a photo taken shortly after Mag Mag bloomed. I was so excited to find three trees that were different shades of pink that would fit into one photo. And a lovely photo at that.

# 2

My flat mate and I knew she was a Magnolia but had no idea what colour she would be. Much to my excitement she budded in pink too. This is when I confirmed to myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

These beautiful pink buds have brought me endless amounts of joy. It is such a treat heading out on a spring morning for a coffee and a cigarette. I’ll get onto a blog of my garden birds, between them and the pink blooming trees my garden is a most wonderful place to be.

On closer inspection she gets even prettier, nature is a most wonderful thing.

It saddens me greatly that I may not get a shot of 2 pink trees in my garden. I’m pretty sure I missed 1 and 2 (will thoroughly search C: tomorrow) and 2 might possibly not wait for 3.

Lots of pretty pink petals scattered all over the ground 😦

But wait there is still hope, this blog talks about three trees. May I introduce

# 3

I got home this afternoon to the most pleasant surprise. The tiny hot pink buds I was raving about on Facebook have started blossoming. These are the only few, I’m really hoping after a glorious sunny day I’ll wake up tomorrow to loads of little pink flowers. I have now assured myself that there is no other place that I should be. I am the master of my destiny!

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Hello World~

So here we go my first blog, I’ve kept WordPress’ original name for it…

I’m not the best writer, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and recently gave it a try. Now its time to attempt blogging.

Let me introduce myself. I am half Italian, half Portuguese, born and raised in South Africa. Proudly South African. I have been a gypsy for little over 10 years now. I ♥ to travel, I ♥ discovering new faces and places and I’ve managed to pack up my entire life into international travel sized luggage on many occasion.

I’ve lived in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Scotland and England. I’ll hopefully be moving to Spain in the very near future which bring me to my ♥ of warm weather, beautiful beaches, diving and boating. I ♥ Africa, I’ve visited Botswana, landed in Kenya and enjoyed many a trip to Egypt. The middle eastern hospitality is unmatched but closely followed by Thai. Enjoyed many years in Dubai, spent time in Bahrain and Qatar. Been fortunate enough to visit Thailand 3 years in a row and wish I could go every year. I’ve attended a conference in Toronto and visited Disneyland when I was young. I’ve been to Dracula’s Castle in Romania and stayed in the Ritz Carlton Istanbul. Been back to my roots in Milano and gondaleured through Venice. I’ve bought tulips in Amsterdam, visited one of Europe’s largest Castles in Austria, landed in Athens and attended more than one Oktoberfest in Munich.

I have a bad obsession with all things pink, I ♥ taking photos and need a new camera. Wild about water birds and go duck hunting (camera loaded) as often as possible. I’ve recently been fortunate enough to spot some rare critters but more about that later.

I have 2 brothers who have each given me an angelic nephew and 2 half brothers. The elder has given me three beautiful nieces and two nephews, the younger is still a teenager.

I’m currently living in a quite English town called Liphook and I ♥ it, spring has sprung, the blossoms are blooming and I know long summer days are not far away.

2011 My Garden, Liphook, United Kingdom

It was a beautiful winter, I had seen snow on few occasions however I longed for real snow that lasts days and turns everything to a standstill. Well I finally got what I wished for and I would not have chosen any other place to experience it. Liphook is lovely but once it’s covered in snow the entire town turns into something more beautiful than Narnia could imagine.

2010 Radford Park, Liphook, United Kingdom

I’m a passionate about coffee which can only be drunk with a smoke. I’ve been promising my mother for more than 10 years that I either fall pregnant or turn 30 before she nags me to quit smoking again. So here I am 29 and 5 months to the day. Got another 7 months before I’ll really be able to appreciate the taste of my coffee.

I think that’s it for my first blog~

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