4th April 2012~

Naughty boy!

Going in search of blossoms to match my ipod, skirt and scarves. Felt like being bright on a now gloomy day. What was I thinking when I bought this skirt?

Scarf 1 to match my skirt

Scarf 2 to tie the hottest pink and beige into a pretty bow, mix that with designer boots and bag and I think I might have turned the cheesiest skirt into the perfect outfit for this miserable afternoon. Now where are my blossoms?

Now these just won’t do!

There they are ♥

Oh what a classic.. Beer shortages soon please panic buy!

Simple Pleasures.. Quaranta, a new lighter that not only looks like roses but smells like them too, a latte with my name on it and a beautiful card for my Mommy Darling!

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese


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