My checklist~

Things I’ve done, places I’ve been and how I’ve been inspired.

Keep climbing until you have the best view~

Lie in the snow~

Live in Dubai~

Live in London~

Live in South Africa~

Play hide and seek~

Rent a dhow for 2~

See the Eiffel Tower~

Soak in a thermal spa~

Take his name~

Take polaroids with the one I love~

Take the plunge~

Visit a castle in Austria~

Buy Tulips in Amsterdam~

Cruise on a Venetian Gondola~

Eat pizza in Milano~

Experience the Oktoberfest~

Get over your vertigo~

Give more than I receive~

Have a child~

Have a pet rabbit~

Hold hands on the beach~



Day 113~

Day 112~

Day 111~

Day 110~

Day 109~

Day 108~

Day 107~

Day 106~

Day 105~

Day 104~

Day 103~

Day 102~

Day 101~

Day 100~

Day 99~

Day 98~

Day 97~

Day 96~

Day 95~

Day 94~

Day 93~

Day 92~

Day 91~

Day 90~

Day 89~

Day 88~

Day 87~

Day 86~

Day 85~

Day 84~

Day 83~

Day 82~

Day 81~

Day 80~

Day 79~

Day 78~

Day 77~

Day 76~

Day 75~

Day 74~

Day 73~

Day 72~

Day 71~

Day 70~

Day 69~

Day 68~

Day 67~

Day 66~

Day 65~

Day 64~

Day 63~

Day 62~

Day 61~

Day 60~

Day 59~

Day 58~

Day 57~

Day 56~

Day 55~

Day 54~

Day 53~

Day 52~

Day 51~

Day 50~

Day 49~

Day 48~

Day 47~

Day 46~

Day 45~

Day 44~

Day 43~

Day 42~

Day 41~

Day 40~

Day 39~

Day 38~

Day 37~

Day 36~

Day 35~

Day 34~

Day 33~

Day 32~

Day 31~

Day 30~

Day 29~

Day 28~

Day 27~

Day 26~

Day 25~

Day 24~

Day 23~

Day 22~

Day 21~

Day 20~

Day 19~

Day 18~

Day 17~

Day 16~

Day 15~

Day 14~

Day 13~

Day 12~

Day 11~

Day 10~

Day 9~

Day 8~

Day 7~

Day 6~

Day 5~

Day 4~

Day 3~

Day 2~

Day 1~

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A Miracle~

So a few months back I thought I lost Canon, she was in a coma for a few days but she came back to us. It wasn’t long after that that she left us, shutter error. £150 to repair, I could replace her for less. I decided I’d have to wait until I could afford her big brother.

It’s been about 2 weeks now and we miss her terribly.

I woke up this morning to find I’d bumped iPod off the bedside table into the half drunk cup of coffee which was put on the floor to avoid spillage instead of being taken to the kitchen to avoid drownage. So I wake up this morning pick up half drunk coffee put in the sink and turn on hot water leave it to run and return a few minutes later. There lying at the bottom on the mug was lifeless iPod. I took her out as quickly as possible and began to dry her off, put her in m pocket and found myself overwhelmed with grief.

I’ve been travelling for over 10 years, Canon, iPod and Dell have been my loyal loyal companions since 2007. All 3 were united with me that year and until recently I have not had a need to replace or upgrade any of them.

I cried, I’ll admit it, I sobbed actually and made some noise. Neighbors must have thought someone died. Well someone did really. Canon recorded every strange, beautiful, incredible thing that we saw. iPod spoke to me all the time and ever expected me to talk back, she loved to dance with me, especially moonlight garden let it all out dancing.

I wrote my obituary and kept her in my pocket. Said a prayer for Dell knowing from experience that tragedy comes in 3’s. It took me a long while to get the courage to pull her out and have one last look. I figured she would have drowned in the coffee. Seems she is a fighter, I held my breath when I turned her on and ping lights.. No camera.. Grab the speakers and oh my miraculous iPod..


Need to write to Apple soooooooo impressed!

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Flight from Joburg to Dubai then London~

21 October 2010

Hoping it’s time for breakfast it’s been a long flight and I slept sooooo well.

Another plane, wandering where they heading.

Getting excited for my arrival so much must have changed since 2005.

Breakfast and this view of desert hills what a treat!

Loving the wondow seat.

Can’t wait to land!

Dubai and their massive round abouts, some lanes cover in sand.

27 October 2010

After an awesome week a good friends daughters first birthday and my 29th birthday it’s time to say goodbye 😦

Too late now you’re on your way to London.

Dubai Islands

Jet Trail

Some long river

Lovely clouds.


Desert Hills

Love clouds.

Long river in the middle of nowhere Wow!


Cloudy Shadows~

Probably the best flight ever, we flew so low for so long!




Almost in London~

Can’t wait to land it’s been 2 years and 5 days since I’ve seen you!

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20 Countries and Counting~

So you might have noticed I’v been trying to find the perfect way to blog my travels. Haven’t quite perfected it yet but thanks to I am getting there.

So here is the map. 1 out of 2 countries made it into my Top 10! It was a tough tough choice I loved them all!

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