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31st March 2012~

RECYCLE my Sunday evening post photo shoot will be spent turning my tutu into a new dress for my Julia 🙂

Candyfloss flavoured sugar paste now how am I meant to make decorations out of that?

Mommies Mothers Day Lillies 🙂

Lovely little ladies decorating the pavement for me!

The aftermath #cherryblossom

Testing out the new anti mess gadget and it’s fab!

Smelling absolutely amazing! #strawberryrocks

1 down 11 to go! Doesn’t quite look as good as the wedgewood but you get the idea right?

I usually get more than one out of a dozen, but this time 11 have homes. I was only allowed 1 and I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the strawberry and candyfloss combo!

So that was my day in mobile uploads, did you do anything exciting?

XX Ronchese