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Hello World~

So here we go my first blog, I’ve kept WordPress’ original name for it…

I’m not the best writer, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and recently gave it a try. Now its time to attempt blogging.

Let me introduce myself. I am half Italian, half Portuguese, born and raised in South Africa. Proudly South African. I have been a gypsy for little over 10 years now. I ♥ to travel, I ♥ discovering new faces and places and I’ve managed to pack up my entire life into international travel sized luggage on many occasion.

I’ve lived in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Scotland and England. I’ll hopefully be moving to Spain in the very near future which bring me to my ♥ of warm weather, beautiful beaches, diving and boating. I ♥ Africa, I’ve visited Botswana, landed in Kenya and enjoyed many a trip to Egypt. The middle eastern hospitality is unmatched but closely followed by Thai. Enjoyed many years in Dubai, spent time in Bahrain and Qatar. Been fortunate enough to visit Thailand 3 years in a row and wish I could go every year. I’ve attended a conference in Toronto and visited Disneyland when I was young. I’ve been to Dracula’s Castle in Romania and stayed in the Ritz Carlton Istanbul. Been back to my roots in Milano and gondaleured through Venice. I’ve bought tulips in Amsterdam, visited one of Europe’s largest Castles in Austria, landed in Athens and attended more than one Oktoberfest in Munich.

I have a bad obsession with all things pink, I ♥ taking photos and need a new camera. Wild about water birds and go duck hunting (camera loaded) as often as possible. I’ve recently been fortunate enough to spot some rare critters but more about that later.

I have 2 brothers who have each given me an angelic nephew and 2 half brothers. The elder has given me three beautiful nieces and two nephews, the younger is still a teenager.

I’m currently living in a quite English town called Liphook and I ♥ it, spring has sprung, the blossoms are blooming and I know long summer days are not far away.

2011 My Garden, Liphook, United Kingdom

It was a beautiful winter, I had seen snow on few occasions however I longed for real snow that lasts days and turns everything to a standstill. Well I finally got what I wished for and I would not have chosen any other place to experience it. Liphook is lovely but once it’s covered in snow the entire town turns into something more beautiful than Narnia could imagine.

2010 Radford Park, Liphook, United Kingdom

I’m a passionate about coffee which can only be drunk with a smoke. I’ve been promising my mother for more than 10 years that I either fall pregnant or turn 30 before she nags me to quit smoking again. So here I am 29 and 5 months to the day. Got another 7 months before I’ll really be able to appreciate the taste of my coffee.

I think that’s it for my first blog~

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¸.•¸.•..¸…Signing off…¸¸.•*`*.❉
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