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7 sleeps until Christmas~


Holly from Christmas 2010 in Liphook


A dozen hearts for my Darling from Devon


Our very first Christmas tree using Grandma’s fairy lights


Pine cones from Christmas 2010 in Liphook


Baby Jesus from my mothers Nativity scene that I grew up with, she gave it to Allegra Rose the first time they met


Mistletoe from Christmas 2011 in Norwich


This tree got a heart at the top, our trees don’t need angels, the angel is in my arms


I think this little gem may be her last present I wrap, after she has gone to sleep before I lay out milk and sugar cookie house for Santa, that brought tears to my eyes typing that, this child has wrapped herself so tightly around my heart



Liphook Lips~

So yesterday I got my run back and boy did it hurt. I really shouldn’t take days off nevermind whole weeks 😉

I was heading out for a day in Petersfield and a lady dressed in black with a pink shuffle ran past me. I realised I was cold and very early and went back to fetch a poloneck. I past another lady beautifully decked out in black and white and the same lady with the pink shuffle on the way to the station. I seemed like she did not kow which way to go. I wanted to stop her and ask her if I cold jog with her.

My PIP (Partner in Pink) went and fell pregnant. 🙂 I’ll be a Godmother ;( I got no one to jog with. I’m sitting with a cup of tea in the garden enjoing the suset and Liphook Ladies comes to mind. Liphook Ladies in Pink comes next. Am I about to start up a casual ladies jogging group I don’t know. I’m not looking forward to running the race for life alone.

1 rule you gotta wear something pink!

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