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Pink Palace #1 The Kitchen Window~

So the story goes…

Mama shipped over too much stuff from the UK. Mama also bought too much stuff in SA before said stuff arrived from the UK..

The result after putting 5 boxes in the shed..

An over cluttered but organised and color coded space!

On the brighter sided I have a good excuse in my daughter who just loves it 🙂

Our kitchen window view..


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Our kitchen window..


These flower pots were all found in UK charity shops, rabbit was a very expensive UK purchace, owl was a recent addition from a South African charity shop and the flowers from a UK charity shop. Mama Bird bounces and she is also from Twickenham. Her basket and hat have been taken from a porcelain doll that was given to my daughter. The green dish is for my curtain tie backs at night in case you were wondering.




I don’t wanna start drilling walls so the hand towel holder has ended up on the window, with Allegra’s fairy that she got from my brother from another mother’s cuzza on my birthday, bottles from Twickenham and the Lavender that my Mom put on out house warming cake ❤


Made by Mummy on sabbatical in Liphook the United Kingdom in 2011..


And that’s just how we roll..