Duck Hunting~

Canon IXUS970IS

If you’ve read my blog about me you’ll understand that duck hunting involves a loaded camera. A loaded camera that seriously needs replacing. I have a Canon 10mp IXUS970IS, she has been in my bag for over 3 years. She has been one of my best companions through my travels and will travel with me for hopefully many more. However I think I have outgrown digital photography and hoping to get her a big brother soon.

2008 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

White Ducks~
I have been duck hunting many years, due to unfortunate circumstances which I might go into later the most recent photo I have is from 2008. White ducks are very common in South Africa. This photo taken at Zoo Lake in South Africa, shortly after I met my husband. I discovered a new love for the place where my paternal grandparents met and fell in love. My husband fell in love with it too. We visited there often and ended up getting married there. I have done some research and not found a name for these particular ducks. I found Aylesbury ducks which the English find quite tasty. The thought upsets me so. Luckily for me these Aylesbury ducks have flesh coloured beaks, clearly mine are orangy yellow. I’ll just call them white ducks. I did a search on WordPress “Duck Hunting” expecting to find my blog. Instead I found a load of blogs on real duck hunting. I definitely need to add that to my to do list. The thought of a duck hunter reading this blog polishing his barrel and licking his lips disgusts me. I need to investigate in doing more to stop the hunting of these beautiful birds.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Male Mallard Duck~
Unfortunately his true colours are not clearly shown, but I did love this shot. There is nothing better than catching a perfect reflection, something this photo lacks. He was travelling at quite a speed and the lighting was not that great. I often find myself climbing into or between trees to get a better shot. I have a bad right knee which caught me once while capturing one of my one and onlys. No green compares to that of a Mallard, a deep Emerald with a hint of Sapphire to match his Mrs.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Female Mallard Duck~
This girl is a beaut, total au natural until her wings come out. The most striking Sapphire to match he Emerald man. I just love it. Oh no I have just realised a funny twist of fate. My husband wanted Emeralds I wanted Tanzanite, we both had diamonds, black and white like the one and only duck.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Mallard Ducks~
Oh here we go the story of the three Mallard Ducks.. The first time I saw it happen was last year, since then something that has happened more often. Males ducks doing what they meant to do with the woman. At first I put it down to practising their balancing skills. Now that spring is here is seems almost every Mrs Mallard has two Mr’s generally very protective Mr’s. Her bodyguards.

2011 Radford Park, Liphook, United Kingdom

Male Mandarin Duck~
I would like to introduce the first of my one and onlys. I have always had a deep love for this bird. I even managed to convince my husband to buy me a pair. Rather pricey at R6500 for the male and R5000 for his wife. We talking South Africa 2009 some might relate. I did however go with my better judgement and left them on the farm. I figured I had had enough trouble keeping the cats away from the rabbits, pigeons (don’t ask now, read later, a future blog) and canaries. This beauty I spotted at my local park. He did not stay long and did not move from the other side of the lake.  I went to visit him the next day and he was no where to be found. Perseverance pays off and I spotted him the next day when I watched him prune himself on a tree branch for ages but sadly this is the best shot I got. That was the last time I saw him and have not seen another Mandarin since.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Canvasback Duck~
Welcome number two. The devil duck, well that was his nick name until I did my research. If I hadn’t have got a photo of him I would think my imagination had run wild. This was however an experience I can not forget. I almost fell into the Heath on my haunches trying to get closer and lower. Pop there goes that right knee. A crippling, toppling pain that can not be described. Once popped it locks and there is no lady like way of recusing it. I did however on this occasion manage to do a graceful spin, very near miss into the water and land on two feet camera in hand and leg out of joint. Definitely a Canon moment.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Black and White Duck~
What what a treasure, my third duck to my one and only collection. I have done some research and I believe he is a descendant of the Mallard. I love his colouring, on zooming in on his feathers he could easily be mistaken for a dog.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Mystery Duck~
Haven’t done any reasearch yet. My fourth one and only duck. Seen mingling with the Black and White duck and a Mallard at Petersfields Heath. I will do some research as I love the natural colourings, he would blend well in the woods.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

Egyptian Geese~
Very common in South Africa and often found in gardens with swimming pools. These Geese on African territory can be quite aggressive, keep fingers away whilst feeding or stand behind the bench if you are me.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa
Egyptian Goose and Goslings~
She has the cutest spotted goslings, certainly not ugly ducklings.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Egyptian Geese~
I found this pair at the Petersfield Heath. They are seeming very uncommon in the UK. I found them refreshingly timid and they tend to stand at my side and watch the feeding frenzy before them. Every time I go there I have someone asking me if I know what they are, I proudly tell them what they are and they are fascinated by the look of our lovely african geese.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

Egyptian Goose and Goslings~
I like to think that this is the same Egyptian goose and her goslings a few months later, however baring in mind how common they are in South Africa I think not. I do hope that the pair at the Heath in Petersfield stick around, that would be such a treat.

2008 Hyde Park, London, United Kingdon

Greylag Geese~
These cheeky geese were captured in Hyde Park London there is no peaceful picnic with them around. They are lovely to look and a perfectly shaded grey. I’m used to the white variation more common in South Africa. More about them later.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Greylag Goose~
This guy is amazing. He is my only one and only goose and comes to keep me company every time I visit the Heath, he has been around for weeks and I just love his pink beak and feet. I presume he is waiting for a mate but until now he is flying solo. Quite sag as there are loads of Canadian Geese and a pair of Egyptian Geese. He is the loveliest, plumpest goose I ever saw. If you are reading this blog and thinking of a **** **** french delicacy please leave my blog right now.

2009 Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa

White Geese~

These lovely white geese are so common in South Africa. They tend to be as cheeky as the Egyptian Geese, they come at you in masses. I often force myself to stand among them but generally shy away.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Canadian Goose~
definitely a fine goose, an aggressive goose too. There are loads of them at the Heath. I love the way the waddle but hate the way they squabble. They are all perfect not a feather out of place. Nature is really an amazing thing. They partner up and defend each other viciously. They definitely rule the Heath in numbers and fury.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

White Swans~ Well a picture is worth a thousand words, I won’t get started, I do love their bills the orange into pink like a sunset.

2010 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Coot~ Always got confused between a coot and a moor hen until I took the next photo which made me unable to forget.

2011 The Heath, Petersfield, United Kingdom

Coot vs Moorhen~

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