Tree Climber~

I don’t have any memories of me climbing trees, my niece was asking me yesterday when last I climbed a tree and I had to admit the sad truth. I don’t know if I missed out on the fun of climbing trees as a child or simply just don’t remember. I thought this a lovely shot of a fallen beauty..

So I recently starting jogging, yes at the prime age of 29. I ate all the cupcakes and needed to sort that extra love handle.

There are 6 roads that lead out of my village centre and I try to use them all. One of my least favourite routes is the only route to the military lands. This route is the least favourite because on 13 December 2010 a speeding car lost control and was millimetres from hitting me straight on. God knows what saved me that night as I should never have been there in the first place. The next day I made an attempt at starting my book, made another attempt since and then decided blogging was the way forward for now.

So Friday afternoon I’m heading out for my run. The 6 roads that leave the city centre are separated by 2 round abouts which are separated by “the square”. “The square” is a huge fairy lite tree, a pub and village shopping. The most amazing flower shop. I lie not the most amazing but an awesome one in my village which has 1 supermarket, 1 convenience store, 1 bank and 1 of each take out, a few estate agencies and 2 prime charity shops (mentioned in The Road Less Travelled). Oh dear how sidetracked I get. So Friday afternoon loads of traffic and I didn’t feel like waiting to cross roads so I faced my fear and headed down the dreaded road. Turns out it is definitely the best route to take. Most of the other routes run out of pavement before I’ve done 2 miles.

I had been to the military lands before however I was transported there. I had been wanting to go back but the opportunity never arose. I now realised they were not as far as I thought, only 3 miles there and another 3 back.

It was late and I had plans so I decided tomorrow would be the day. Woke up on Saturday with the big hill on my mind, the thought of climbing a tree not. Got my gear on,  my tunes,  my water and a smoke. Yeah yeah I know running and smoking?? I got till 26 October to enjoy this dirty habit.

The view from the top is incredible, the first time I saw it everything was covered in snow.

It was a most beautiful spring day and this is the shot I’d like to share.

I’m enjoying my smoke and decide to walk about, I had previously seen a cattle grazing sign and hoped I might find some. I am a cow lover, Bovines are beautiful!

This is the best shot I got, I was trying to get closer when two bulls started getting a little feisty. I had hubby on the phone and told him that I thought it best if I stay behind trees incase I got charged. The bovines didn’t seem to like me much, the closer I got the further they got. Hubby got cut off and I noticed the perfect tree to climb should I require a get away. I took out my camera to get this tree on camera, nice low branches will surely make it easier to climb I was thinking.

Ok I wouldn’t call them branches, maybe branch stubs. You might notice a cow in the distance. By this stage the cows were far away. I thought I was trying to get closer to the cows not the trees. So I get my picture and I start wondering what if a cow did charge would I get myself up into this tree? Only one way to find out..

I started climbing, I didn’t get very far and the phone started ringing, reconnected to hubby and halfway up a tree. Made myself comfortable on the nearest branch and listened to my husband telling me I needed to go see a doctor. He was rather concerned about my mental health. I like to think he was joking. We chatted for ages and then it was time to come down. By this stage the cows had moved much further on and I figured I needed to start making my way back.

I got wrapped up in the clouds for a while and then noticed another perfectly climbable tree. That was after I found the comet cloud.

So there I was climbing my second tree, this time I wasn’t fumbling with my phone and did more climbing and loads of swings. Please do not attempt this without correct hand protection (which I obviously never had). I was slightly more successful with this tree and moved up swiftly.

Got a few branches up and made myself comfortable. A hill-top can be a very peaceful place, try a tree. You will not hear the wind rustle in the leaves like that from any hilltop. You need to get higher! So here I am wishing I had someone to take a picture of me..

So if you go out to the woods today I would highly recommend climbing a tree. I’d definitely recommend making yourself comfortable once up there and hanging around for a while.

2011 has been a year of all things new and wonderful!

Thanks to my running partner I now have a shot of me up a treeeeeeeee!

♥´¯) ¸.❉´¯)
(¸❉´ (¸.♥´´¯`•.¸¸.❉
¸.•¸.•..¸…Signing off…¸¸.•*`*.❉
┊ ┊ه
┊ ☆            xXx ❤ C
☆ ❉

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