Three Special Trees~

Mag Mag (Magnificent Magnolia)

You are the master of your own destiny~

♥ every second!

Just had to shared my new desktop background Mag Mag. Just thought of that trust me it was not my intention and certainly not how I intended starting this blog, the Magnolia is simply Magnificent!

For the love of pink I must tell you I opened up the Metro today which is a free newspaper available on UK public transport. So most papers here have rather distastfully dressed ladies on page 3. The Metro however does not and today they featured a single Mom of 2 whose entire house is tastefully decorated in pink. She mentioned that most people thought she was over the top but I fell in love. I didn’t get a photo but I’ll hunt it down for you.

Back to my special trees. There are 3 major trees in my tiny little garden and I loved them through the snowy winter and excitedly awaited the arrival of spring..

# 1

When the first tree budded in pink I was ever so thrilled. The thought that any of the other trees would be pink never entered my mind.

Instead I planted 3 different shades of pink primroses. So it was a bit too cold and they had flowered way too early and only hot pink remains.

This is the first blooming blossom, the cold and rain dissolved them all very quickly. They did wait for Magnolia to blossom and what a sight to see. I’m searching for a shot of the blooming blossom and the Magnolia, I’m amazed that I can’t find one.

Instead I will share a photo taken shortly after Mag Mag bloomed. I was so excited to find three trees that were different shades of pink that would fit into one photo. And a lovely photo at that.

# 2

My flat mate and I knew she was a Magnolia but had no idea what colour she would be. Much to my excitement she budded in pink too. This is when I confirmed to myself that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

These beautiful pink buds have brought me endless amounts of joy. It is such a treat heading out on a spring morning for a coffee and a cigarette. I’ll get onto a blog of my garden birds, between them and the pink blooming trees my garden is a most wonderful place to be.

On closer inspection she gets even prettier, nature is a most wonderful thing.

It saddens me greatly that I may not get a shot of 2 pink trees in my garden. I’m pretty sure I missed 1 and 2 (will thoroughly search C: tomorrow) and 2 might possibly not wait for 3.

Lots of pretty pink petals scattered all over the ground 😦

But wait there is still hope, this blog talks about three trees. May I introduce

# 3

I got home this afternoon to the most pleasant surprise. The tiny hot pink buds I was raving about on Facebook have started blossoming. These are the only few, I’m really hoping after a glorious sunny day I’ll wake up tomorrow to loads of little pink flowers. I have now assured myself that there is no other place that I should be. I am the master of my destiny!

♥´¯) ¸.❉´¯)
(¸❉´ (¸.♥´´¯`•.¸¸.❉
¸.•¸.•..¸…Signing off…¸¸.•*`*.❉
┊ ┊ه
┊ ☆            xXx ❤ C
☆ ❉


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