The Road Less Travelled~

By M. Scott Peck

The Road Less Travelled

By M. Scott Peck

So if you have checked out the links I have provided you’ll notice that this book is selling for £2.31 on Amazon. I picked mine up in a charity shop for 50 pence 🙂

At first it was the flower that drew my eye, I was then hit by the word travelled and knew it had to be mine, whatever it was about I was gonna read it. I took it for company on a train trip to London and manage to work my way through quite a bit. Since then it always comes to bubble bath with me as it is quite intense and not something I want to read everyday. I learn so much from the few pages read that I need a couple of days to practice what it preaches.

I have found myself more cheerful with sooooooo much more time to be cheerful. I spend less time dreading doing the things I hate and more time enjoying the fact that I have no dreadful tasks at hand~

I would like to share this journey with you.


Problems and Pain

I read this whilst on a journey to London. I have always taken a very psychological look into why people behave the way they do. Trying my hardest to understand why people do the things they do. Ordinary, general day to day things don’t interest me. I have been fortunate enough to have met many colourful characters along my journey. Seen and heard many things many have never dreamed of. It has all been apart of my journey and each have taught me so much. So back to the road less travelled. Here Sir Peck goes into great detail about parenting and the possible outcomes for your child. I won’t say too much about this one, dealing with pain comes later. I’ll just hope you all take the time to read this book, if not read this chapter in a book shop and enlighten yourself. You might wanna enlighten your parents too, possibly any parent you know. I will just insist that this is a must read chapter for all.

Delaying Gratification

This is the chapter that changed my life. I’ll try not go into too much detail on how I apply this to my life. It is really a simple concept and to break it down I told a very special friend today that as soon as you hear yourself saying I’ll do it later, force yourself to do it now. This is in terms of anything. I’ll start going to gym next month, I’ll write up that report tomorrow, I’ll clean the house on Sunday… It’s the most simple concept that we have all been taught, read about, reread about but somehow for me it has never sunk in. Finally Sir Peck has put it all in perspective. I’ll be honest I have a calendar note in my phone. Everyday it gets reset for the next day. I use it throughout the day. I allow myself some downtime in between the things I have to do. I plan it all and my Delay Gratification alarm helps me. Hopefully soon it will be second nature but almost 30 years experience I’m a hard case to crack.

The Sins of the Father

Problem-Solving and Time


Neuroses and Character Disorders

Escape from Freedom

Dedication to Reality

This is a chapter that I didn’t need to practise more a chapter I have been preaching for years. Preaching to those I love and trying to catch them onto my ideas of honesty and as Sir Peck puts it dedication to reality.

transference: The Outdated Map

Openness to Challenge

Withholding the Truth


The Healthiness of Depression

Renunciation and Rebirth




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