I ♥ Pink~

So as I previously mentioned I have a unhealthy obsession for all things pink. If it comes in pink I’ll take one, or maybe I’ll take two (slight OCD tendencies kicking in right there). Now that I mention it I thought I might share the fact that I hope to one day publish a book on decorating your home for people who suffer from OCD tendencies. Back to pink, you’ll have to bare with this working blog. I’ve scoured my computer for a couple of pink shots and possibly found more than I can handle for now. So I uploaded them all, gave them all a caption and will fill in the details as soon as possible.

Pink Hyacinth~
March 2011

Please excuse the slightly blurred pink hyacinth, I have more focused shots of different colours which you will soon find in my flower blog. I have been experimenting with my camera on manual and sometimes I just can’t get the right shot.

Flower Cupcakes~
March 2011

These were baked for a special girly picnic. The ladies loved them and I throughly enjoyed every second of every hour I spent decorating them.

Pink Gardenia Blossom~
March 2011

Very shortly my garden will have a big tree full of these beautiful flowers. I can’t wait, spring has sprung a month early and everything is looking so beautiful.

Pink and Red Roses~
December 2010

A little cheer you up gift from a special friend, they saw me through the end of 2010 into 2011.

I love Candy~
November 2010

This photo was taken at a beautiful shop in Edinburgh

From London Bridge~
November 2010

Sunset from London Bridge is definitely something we all need to see.

Dubai Islands~
October 2010

I was lucky enough to capture this amazing lighting over one of Dubai’s many man-made islands on a flight to London. It was even more special because it was the day after my 29th birthday and I a little anxious about turning 30 (see about me blog).

Birthday Bouquet~
October 2009

I invited the girls round for a garden tea party. I themed it pink and apparently so did they. Just love it when the girls get it right.

Pink Rose Duet~

A sad wedding story will be saved for another day, she is still trying to get a divorce.

Hand Knitted Duck and Bear~

A year spent investing a lot of time and energy into a charity business called Tiny Treasures, I designed gifts, created an income for underprivileged people and donated to a charity. Here is a Baby Shower bouquet with hand knitted duck and bear, there were matching socks too.

Moms wedding gift~

Don’t Mom’s just do it the best. That tower was filled with the most amazing wedding goodies.

Red Cheek~

This wild little bird caused much heartache and was eventually set free. Not before he danced around my little garden thanking me for all my love and care.

Watering Can~

Just had to share it.

Baby Bunny~

This little thing grew up to be the bravest strongest rabbit I ever knew. Sham Sham was his name, meaning smell smell in arabic. He protected the baby bunnies from the cat who was ready for easy pickings.

Baby Browny~

One of the babas that wouldn’t be here today had it not been for Sham Sham. Browny is now owned by my nephew Joshua and has had many a offspring.

I have decided to take the time to copy over my 365 Pink album from Facebook.

♥´¯) ¸.❉´¯)
(¸❉´ (¸.♥´´¯`•.¸¸.❉
¸.•¸.•..¸…Signing off…¸¸.•*`*.❉
┊ ┊ه
┊ ☆            xXx ❤ C
☆ ❉


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